Saturday, March 28, 2009


ZOMG, earth hour is in 3o minutes! exciting right? ahhh....hahahahah yeahyeah. i'm so excited. i'm with my cousin and well! its almost earth hour. soo, i'm kinda nervous because the whole house is going to be darkk. super dark, because the house will have absolutely no lights! i'm turning off the tv's too, i think actually i'm going to go check.....................ok, we just have to switch off lights, i'm going to be going soon just because i have to entertain my lil cousin because!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she gets bored easy! eek 13 minutes... haha, the kids choice awards is on!!! miley cyrus just one kids favorite female singer. ohh she's crying awwhh. that just earned her 3342 points in my book. now i like her more. aww. hehe ok now like 11 minutes. eww american idol won, and i seriously hate that show. no offense. it just sucks! eek, paula abdule needs a new wardrobee. lol. mmk, imma go soon theres like 8 minutes left ok. bye!!!!